Terra della Sera

In the beginning of the year 1980 Paolo de Gregori and Carlo Luzi had the idea of creating a musical project looking at the record box-set of Wagner’s Lohengrin. They were particularly interested in the idea of having a libretto to set in music. Even if it was absolutely impossible to recreate the symphonic atmospheres of orchestra and choir made by Wagner, they started to write a libretto: “Libro delle Antiche Scritture” and then they choose some passages to into music.
They enriched their musical atmospheres with the vocalizes of the soprano Daniela Massi.
The music of Terra della Sera was inspired to the cosmic experience of the german musicians like Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh as well as to the music of the classical composers like Jean Sibelius or Anton Bruckner.
During the following years, other musicians joined the group: Enrico Cosimi (Tau Ceti), Paolo di Cioccio, Marco di Francesco.
Two live concerts were also made with the collaboration of Massimo Rossi to the projection of lights and photos.
In 1985 the group took a rest and each component followed his own personal inspiration until they came again into contact to give birth to other musical project: SeraSiderea

Daar I Laan
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